It was also bought up one other time when No

Welch discusses why Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson continues to poll well as the election nears, a time when the popularity of third party candidates tends to recede, and how he believes the government continues to use any type of crisis to justify expanding its power. In this case it’s a fellow I still think of as a young guy, although you’re getting [inaudible] Matt Welch, who I met when I spoke at his college, at the University of California, Santa Barbara many years ago, at the end of the ’60s. He had a good adversarial mind, and then he went off to Prague where he teamed up with a bunch of editors from their very good school, [inaudible] and they formed an English language paper in Prague called Prognosis. Young guys and women out there. Putting out this paper was very successful, and then they came back and did all sorts of things in journalism and showed up in all sorts of interesting places on the internet.

Absurdly Bright Light: Jon’s smile in Zadie Smithfield, complete with a Shout Out to White Teeth. Actor Allusion:invoked Voice Actors Garfield replaces the names of the characters with the first names of their respective voice actors for Garfield and Friends and the Garfield specials. And Call Him “George”!: Parodied in Of Mice and Garfield when Garfield squeezes his pet chicken to death. It was only a rubber chicken. Anti Humor: Garfield Minus Humour. This edit is identical to the original Garfield strip, because the original had no humour. Invisible Jon. Garfield is no longer joking, because Jon really is invisible. Garfield Plus Willpower. The original comic rode on Garfield wanting to save a cookie which he did for about 5 seconds. In this comic, Garfield doesn’t eat it at all. Choose Your Own Garfield Book 3: The Anti Humour Equation!, as the title implies, has multiple Anti Humorous punchlines to the same strip. all lowercase letters: Garfield in Lowercase, barring the title. April Fools’ Day: The April 1, 2016 strip features several strips (badly) edited to contain blatant Undertale references. Art Evolution: The art evolution of the Garfield strip is lampooned in Constantly Changing and Constantly Changing V2.0, wherein the first two panels use the 1978 and 1979 designs, and the last one is the 2000s design. Jon’s Evolution in Reverse (including Garfield) sees Jon’s design regress from how he is currently drawn to his original character model, with each panel approximately sized to compare the size of his eyes. The Artifact: The “Special Strips” page was originally meant to be a page for “strips that are too short term topical or otherwise unsuitable to be queued in the standard strip archive.”. However, only two strips, both about the 2010 FIFA World Cup, were ever put on there, with most strips that fit this definition being published exclusively on the forum. It was also bought up one other time when No. 1942 was submitted. Ascended Meme: Dan Walsh, creator of Garfield Minus Garfield, submitted the strip Jon Plus Cohen. Also counts as a Throw the Dog a Bone, because Jon is no longer lonely, as he had been in Garfield Minus Garfield. Ass Shove: The last panel is censored, but it’s certainly obvious that that’s what happened here. only to link to a cover done by Henry the Green Engine. Beat Panel: There’s one in Garfield Plus Penultimate Beat Panel. This strip now has four panels instead of three. There are 27 beat panels in We Got the Beat(s). Then there’s Garfield Plus Beats in the Beat Panel, where a video game related strip is edited to put three different Beats in the beat panel. This comic has twenty two beat panels. The aptly titled 34 Beat Panels. Be Careful What You Wish For: Pie Form Coming Right Up has Garfield state he prefers “surprise” apples in pie form. He takes it back when he sees a giant apple pie flying toward his face. Oops.

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