Der Air Jordan 1 “Banned” wird in Satin neu interpretiert

On October 18, 1984, the NBA officially “banned” Michael Jordan from wearing his black-and-red Air Jordan 1s, as the story goes. Thirty-two years later to the day, Jordan Brand celebrated the backwards-23 anniversary with the Air Jordan 1 Satin Banned.

Released exclusively at Jordan Brand’s NYC pop-up shop, and limited to a rather disappointing 501 pairs, the Air Jordan 1 Satin Banned puts a stunning, even ornate spin on the iconic colorway. The classic leather build is entirely forgone, with sleek, pliable satin standing in everywhere for a bold yet classic aesthetic. The colors are entirely unchanged, after all — black and red in their iconic arrangement — and “NIKE AIR” even adorns the tongue-tag.

Take a closer look at the remixed classic below, and expect another release . . . well, never, probably. But here’s hoping.

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